We’re Not That Stupid

Why do so many people refuse to comply with COVID-19 protocols?

I believe it’s because of how such protocols are communicated.

Our government health officials and leaders should be educating us with the facts, along with access to the unbiased research to support those facts.  They should be making recommendations based on those facts, then letting citizens decide for themselves what’s best for their individual situations.

Instead, government health officials and leaders have tried to indoctrinate us with rhetoric, censured the research, issued unconstitutional mandates, “fact-checked” conflicting information, and threatened people who question any of it or refuse to comply. 

Is it any wonder many people don’t trust any of it, and refuse to comply? 

Most people are not as stupid as the government thinks we are.

If we want people to act responsibly regarding COVID-19, give us sufficient, unbiased information upon which we can make educated choices.  Don’t just tell us to comply and threaten us when we don’t.  We are smart enough and caring enough to make the right choices when we have the right information.  And we’re smart enough to recognize a smoke screen.

If masks work, show me the research.

If lockdowns slow COVID spread, show me the data.

If the benefits of business closures outweigh the risks of not closing them, show me the analysis.

Then let me decide for myself.