I’m just a guy doing my best to serve Jesus Christ in all that I do.

This blog is where I share my perceptions of the world around me.  It’s a reflection of what’s been on my mind, what I’ve been experiencing, or things I’ve come across that I find interesting.  Much of the subject matter is theological in nature, because that’s what I think about much of the time.

The opinions expressed are purely my own, and not necessarily a reflection of the views of any person or organization with which I am affiliated.

Why “Web-ling’s World?”

In the fall of 2000, I took Web design class at Tarrant County College.  The final project was to obtain a domain name and create a website.  Wendling.com and richwendling.com were both already taken, so I got creative, and came up with Web-ling instead of Wendling (Web = Web design class).  Thus, my www.web-ling.com website was born.

In October, 2001, I discovered the Geocaching.com website.  I needed a user name, so I picked Web-ling.

I’ve been using the alias ever since.