Personal Log, February 20, 2012

Random facts:

The federal holiday being observed today is NOT President’s Day.  The official name of the federal holiday is George Washington’s Birthday.

A can of Progresso™ Chicken Corn Chowder soup has 400 calories, 18g of fat, and 1780mg of sodium.  I thought Progresso™ was supposed to be healthy.  At least there’s no trans fats.

The Roman Emperor Elagabulus was known to employ a prototype of the Whoopee Cushion at dinner parties.  This may be the origin of the term “party pooper.”

In 1818, John Cleves Symmes, Jr. suggested that the Earth contained a hollow shell about 1,300 km (810 mi) thick, with openings about 2,300 km (1,400 mi) across at both poles with 4 inner shells each open at the poles.  Symmes petitioned Congress to send an expedition to the top of the earth to test his theory and find the hole.  25 members of Congress voted in favor of the expedition.  President John Quincy Adams indicated he would approve of this, but he left office before this could occur.

At the age of 11, Benjamin Franklin invented swim fins.



The oldest player to have ever played in the NFL was George Blanda, who was 48 years old when he retired.  Satchel Paige was the oldest Major League Baseball player at 59.  John Whittemore of Montecito, California, has been credited as being the “world’s oldest athlete.”  He competed in a track meet on October 5, 2004, just six weeks before his 105th birthday, throwing the javelin and discus.

The common guinea pig was first domesticated as a food source in about 2000 BC by the people living in the Andes Mountains.  They are still a major part of the diet in Peru and Bolivia to this day.  Peruvians consume an estimated 65 million guinea pigs each year.  One famous painting of the Last Supper in the largest cathedral in Cusco, Peru shows Christ and the twelve disciples eating a guinea pig.


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